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The Pros and Cons of Different Water Heaters


It really only takes one camping trip to make you truly appreciate your water heater. Even if you don’t go camping, encountering a day or two without access to hot, or even just warm, water will get you really focused on your water heater.

You both need and want a working water heater in your home. So when you need a new system, you shouldn’t delay getting a replacement. The question you might have is which system you should choose.

When it comes to replacing water heaters in Fort Mohave, AZ, you want to make sure that the one installed in your home is the best one to meet your needs. We want to help make sure this is the case!

Read on to learn more about your options and then talk to one of our technicians to get your water heater upgrade taken care of.

Option 1: The Storage Tank Water Heater

The storage tank water heater is the system that most people picture when they think about water heaters. This involves a multi-gallon tank that stores water and keeps it at a certain temperature at all times. This allows hot water to be ready for use whenever it is needed.

The Pros

  • Storage tanks ensure you have access to a large amount of hot water at all times, making them ideal for larger families with large hot water needs.
  • There is no delay when you need hot water in most cases
  • Storage tank systems are reliable, efficient, and can last over a decade if well maintained.

The Cons

  • If all the hot water is used up, it takes a while for it to replenish.
  • There is standby heat loss from keeping water heated at all times which uses extra energy and extra water.
  • These systems require a large amount of space.

Option Two: The Tankless “On-Demand” Water Heater

A tankless water heater gets the job done by heating water when it is demanded. That means, as soon as you turn on a hot water tap, this system kicks into gear and provides hot water after a brief delay of a few seconds. Tankless water heaters are a great option for many homes looking to use less water and energy.

The Pros

  • This system will always provide hot water to your home without running out.
  • Tankless water heaters use gallons less water and a good deal less energy than storage tank systems. These systems have no standby heat loss!
  • Tankless water heaters take up less square footage in your home.

The Cons

  • In larger households, a tankless system may struggle to keep up with demand. This can be counteracted with the addition of a backup storage tank, if it is in your budget.
  • Tankless water heaters are pricier to install.

Have an idea of which water heater you want to be installed in your home next? Whether you have a firm choice or you need a little extra information, you can come to the team at Air Control Home Services for help.

Our technicians can help assess your home’s hot water needs to make sure that you get the system that matches them the best. What’s more, when you book your water heater installation today, you can get $100 off on your system purchase and service.

Contact Air Control Home Services today to book your water heater installation.

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