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5 Ways To Get the Most From Your Water Heater


Icy cold water isn’t the best for a cozy shower and it isn’t great for sanitizing your dishes. We have water heaters in our homes for a reason–in short, life is better with access to warm water on a regular basis! But if your water heater is starting to run up the bills, it may have you wondering if you can get by with a few more cold showers.

When it comes to working with water heaters in Fort Mohave, AZ we are the experts that can answer your questions and provide the services you need for this vital system. That said, we want to give you some pointers today. Check out these tips for getting the best performance out of your water heater without a higher cost.

1. Keep showers on the shorter side.

We know this may not sound great but keeping your showers to less than 15 minutes can end up saving you a lot on your water bill and your energy bill. You’ll still be able to get nice and clean and save money in the process.

2. Consider a water treatment system.

Investing in a water treatment system that cleans up the water going into your water heater can be a great idea. By preventing access sediment and minerals from entering your water heater it will reduce how frequently your system needs to be flushed.

3. Schedule maintenance regularly.

Have you gotten a tune-up for your water heater recently? If not now may be a great time to do so. Regular maintenance is going to help your water heater perform at its absolute best when you need it the most.

4. Consider lukewarm water for your shower.

We know that icy showers are less than desirable. But a lukewarm shower maybe a nice in-between. It reduces the demand on your water heater while still providing a pretty comfortable experience. What’s more lukewarm water is often said to be better for your hair and skin.

5. Be prompt with water heater repair.

If your water heater has been struggling with a repair need ignoring it is not going to be a good idea. The best option that you have is to reach out to a professional technician for repairs as soon as you notice something is wrong. This allows the technician to come in and address the issue before it gets worse and puts your system at risk for needing an early replacement.

Need Help With Your Water Heater?

Are you having trouble with the operation of your water heater? Maybe the water is a funky color or perhaps the temperature is always lukewarm, no matter what you do. If your water heater isn’t operating properly, have a professional from Air Control Home Service come by to check things out. Whether a tune-up is needed, repairs are necessary, or your water heater needs to be replaced, you can rest assured we will make things clear, concise, and as stress-free as possible.

Schedule an appointment with Air Control Home Services today to get your water heater back in optimal condition.

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