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Serving Mohave County Since 1990

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5 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Help


Did you know that your water heater accounts for up to 17% of your home’s energy use? It may sound like a lot but it is true! Water heaters, unlike AC units or heaters, are used daily, almost without fail, and they provide hot water to multiple other appliances. That system has big shoes to fill! So when yours starts to trip up, it can become quite obvious quite quickly.

We are experts at servicing water heaters in Golden Valley, AZ. This means that we are a reliable go-to resource if and when your system starts to act up. Just watch out for the warning signs we’ve listed below so you know when to reach out for help. No one needs to be without hot water during the coldest time of the year!

5 Signs Your Hot Water Heater Needs Professional Repairs

How do you avoid trouble with your hot water supply when it is under the most stress? You schedule timely repairs to help avoid straining your water heater! Be on the alert for these warning signs that your water heater needs some help.

  1. The system is making new, concerning noises. The next time you use the hot water in your home, take a listen to what your water heater sounds like when it is operating. Does it sound the way it always does? Or has it started to make some new noises that worry you a bit such as
  2. Your energy bills are on the rise. Spiking energy bills aren’t just caused by faulty HVAC systems–they can also be the result of a troublesome water heater. If your water heater is fighting to do its job, it is likely to suck up more energy than usual. If you notice trouble with your hot water and high bills, chances are your system needs to be checked by a professional.
  3. The water isn’t getting as warm as it should. Many people relate unexpectedly icy showers to water heater problems but there is a step or two in-between. Lukewarm water or water that simply doesn’t get as hot as it used to is going to be caused by a bad water heater.
  4. It is taking longer to receive hot water than usual. Similarly to the previous warning sign, big delays in the time that it takes to receive any hot water can be an indicator that your system is struggling. Even worse, it will prompt you to use more water than usual which is bad for your water bill and the environment.
  5. You notice signs of a leak. Last but not least, make sure to check for signs of a leak. Connections and lines for your water heater can wear down and start to leak as they age. If you have a leak in the pipes connected to your water heater, or even a leaky connection, contact us for repairs ASAP.

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with the work we provide. As an added bonus, we include up-front pricing so you will never get surprised with a larger price tag than you were expecting.

Contact Air Control Home Services to schedule your system repairs today.

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