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Should You Consider a Tankless Water Heater?


One of the best perks of living in the modern era is that we have access to hot water without much hassle. That is, unless your water heater isn’t working right. A faulty water heater is something that can mess with your comfort in a big way. That is why, if your system starts to breakdown, is consider a replacement as soon as you can.

Part of the replacement process is selecting which system to have in your home next. When you are in the middle of that decision, make sure to consider a tankless water heater. If you haven’t considered the benefits of a tankless unit before, let us tell you why this could be a great idea.

Why Tankless Water Heaters Are Different

Tankless water heaters aren’t different than tank heating systems in name only. They operate in a different way too. Rather than holding onto gallons of water and keeping it warm all day and night, tankless water heaters are able to heat up water if and when it is demanded. This means no storage tank is needed!

The Benefits a Tankless System Offers

So, with a tankless water heater able to accomplish the goal of providing hot water without the need of a tank, are there any other benefits that the system provides. We are happy to tell you that there are

  • They take up less space. This is great if you are looking to get the most out of the space in your home. Because no storage tank is needed, the spaced necessary for one can be left free.
  • They save water and energy. Tank water heaters are energy efficient but tankless units can take this a bit further. Because there is no standby heat loss, tankless systems are able to use far less energy to provide you with hot water. Similarly, they also use a lot less water in the long run.
  • They need less upkeep. While we do still suggest you schedule maintenance for your water heater on a yearly basis, it is good to know that tankless systems need less upkeep than tank units do. Less need for maintenance and repairs keeps more cash in your pocket!

So, is a tankless system the right fit for you? If you are still deciding, it can help to talk to a plumber as they are the experts on assessing your hot water needs and pairing you with a system that will best meet those needs. You deserve a water heater that is going to serve your household as optimally as possible

When it comes to providing professional services for your plumbing in Lake Havasu City, AZ you want to make sure that you have a professional around to get the job done right. We are here to provide expert service when you need it, from fixing a plumbing leak to performing a water heater replacement.

Contact Air Control Home Services to schedule an appointment. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our services.

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