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How to Tell You Need an Upgrade to Your Kitchen Plumbing


Puttering around your kitchen shouldn’t be something that includes leaking pipes or strange drainage issues. If you are starting to have trouble with washing dishes or doing other simple tasks that involve your kitchen plumbing, it means it might be time for an upgrade.

When you need to upgrade your kitchen plumbing, you want to reach out to a team of professional plumbers in Parker, AZ to take care of those changes. All you have to do is watch out for some of these warning signs to determine whether you need to upgrade your kitchen plumbing. If you need help with an upgrade for your plumbing, make sure to schedule this service with a professional.

How To Tell You Need to Upgrade Your Kitchen Plumbing

Choosing to upgrade the plumbing in your kitchen is no small task. With our help though, this process can be an easy one. Just contact us when you notice one or more of these warning signs that your plumbing systems need a helping hand.

  1. Poor water pressure: When you go to use your kitchen sink, have you noticed that the stream of water that comes out is more like a trickle? Or maybe there is a lot of bubbling and sputtering when you turn on the faucet? If this sounds familiar, it may be time to upgrade the pipes that serve your kitchen as they may be leaking or struggling with scaling build-up.
  2. Issues with drainage: Let’s say you are washing some dishes in the sink and the water starts to back up. Or perhaps you go to drain the sink after soaking a dish or two and discover instead that the water is refusing to go anywhere. These are problems that indicate you have a problem with the drains in your kitchen that a plumber can thankfully address.
  3. Constant leaks: Do you struggle to handle the frequent or even near-constant leaks that pop up under your kitchen sink? Or maybe you have a kitchen faucet that drips constantly no matter what you do. These are problems that repairs can only help with for so long. After a certain point, leaking kitchen plumbing will need to be upgraded.
  4. Cloudy or discolored water: Using your kitchen faucet shouldn’t be something that leaves you scrubbing grim off your hands or wrinkling your nose against strange smells. If it does, however, it may be time to have a trained plumber come by to check your pipes and drains for problems that they can resolve.
  5. Issues with your gas appliances: Did you know that your gas piping is also something that a plumber takes care of? If you didn’t, now you do! When you start having trouble with your gas lines that serve your kitchen’s gas appliances, make sure to reach out for professional services to get the problems addressed ASAP.

Whether it is a leak that needs to be patched or a kitchen that needs a full overhaul, you should only leave services like these in the hands of trained professional plumbers. We can provide the professionals you need.

Contact Air Control Home Services to schedule your plumbing services.

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