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Hearing Knocking In Your Walls? It’s (Probably) Your Pipes

Have you noticed that there seems to be something in your walls that is trying to get your attention? With Halloween around the corner, it might be easy to chalk this up to a mischievous spirit. The true cause is likely far less ethereal.

Yes, knocking sounds from within your walls are a problem, but they are something to call a plumber about rather than an exorcist. The expert Air Control Home Services plumbers in Lake Havasu know how to resolve the core cause of this sound: knocking pipes.

What You Are Hearing

First things first, let’s put those fears to rest. You are hearing a displaced knocking noise likely because of knocking pipes. This is what happens when a problem in your plumbing causes your pipes to rattle or shake when in use, sometimes making them shake hard enough to hit the wooden supports around them.

While this is still a problem that will need to be dealt with, fixing a plumbing problem is much easier than banishing a ghost.

Water Hammer and Knocking Pipes

Knocking pipes and water hammer may both occur within your home’s pipes at the same time. This is because these issues both denote problems in your piping and the water hammer can actually cause knocking pipes.

Water hammer occurs when a water tap is shut off and creates a shockwave of sorts that works its way back up the line. This is because the air cushion that should be present in the pipe is no longer there for one reason or another. When that cushion disappears, the water flow will slamming against the valves and that shockwave will vibrate through the pipes themselves. This can create knocking pipes—if the shockwave is bad enough and you have older pipes, the vibration may end up rattling them around in your walls.

The Solution: Expert Service

So your pipes are thumping and bumping in your walls. Aside from all the unpleasant noises now added to your day-to-day life, these issues will lead to the development of further damage to your pipes such as leaks or breaks. And we can all agree that leaking pipes are something to prevent as best you can.

If your pipes are knocking around your home, it means it is time to reach out to one of our plumbers for service. You may have pipes that are aging and badly need replacement. Or you may have pipes that need to be repaired to fix their cushion to combat that water hammer. Whatever the core issue, a trained professional can get to the bottom of it and provide the right fix, whether that is pipe repairs, replacement, or even repiping.

You can count on the professional plumbers on our team to get down to the core problem that is messing with your home’s plumbing system. We’ll handle diagnosis and repairs in a timely manner so you can get back to enjoying your home again.

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