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Do You Need Drain Cleaning?

Have you found yourself taking a bath and a shower at the same time lately? Or perhaps you end up with dishes soaking in the sink simply by being in the sink. These are problems that indicate a major drain clog.

Firstly, we want you to know that drain clogs will happen in pretty much every home at some point or another. Secondly, we want you to know that there is a way to address them and prevent them without the use of toxic chemicals.

Want to learn more? Read on to discover why drain cleaning is such a great investment to deal with drain clogs now and later.

Why Drain Cleaning Is a Helpful Service

Drain cleaning is a service that our team is proud to provide. This is because it helps to address both an immediate issue and also prevents that same issue from popping up again in the near future.

Drain cleaning involves the use of a high-powered jet of water to scour any built-up debris that is in the drainpipe away. This is a highly effective way to get a clogged drain flowing again. It is also a great way to clear away any other debris that could cause a clog to form again anytime in the coming weeks or months.

The Benefits That Regular Drain Cleaning Provides

You can schedule regular drain cleaning for the pipes in your home, it can provide some great benefits. These include:

  • Reduced chances of a clog. No debris left behind means you are less likely to encounter clogs.
  • Reduced smells from your drains. This service clears the debris that could otherwise create a smelly problem.
  • Longer-lasting drain pipes. Cleaner pipes are likely to last longer before needing to be replaced.
  • Fast and efficient draining. With less debris in your pipes, there won’t be anything slowing down the drainage of wastewater.

Why Ditch the Chemical Drain Cleaners

It may take a little while for a plumber to arrive and provide drain cleaning to resolve that drain clog. However, we want you to understand why that wait is worthwhile, especially if it means you are avoiding using chemical drain cleaning solutions.

Chemical drain cleaners may help break through a clog but they aren’t as effective as many people think. A chemical cleaner will leave behind some level of debris after it is used, which will cause another clog sooner than later. On top of that, these liquids may not eat through all the debris but they often will start to eat away at the pipes themselves, leading to an increased risk of leaks and earlier pipe repairs.

Drain cleaning is more effective as solving and preventing problems along with being better for the health of your plumbing overall.

When you need drain cleaning or any other plumbing service in Lake Havasu City, AZ, make sure to turn to a team of professionals like ours.

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