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Call For Emergency Plumbing When…

Hopefully, you catch all possible plumbing issues that might occur in your home before they become severe. This is our hope for everyone. Unfortunately, warning signs can be missed and problems can worsen. This is when emergencies can creep up on you. For those tricky situations, we provide emergency plumbing in Kingman.

Even when that problematic plumbing issue does make itself obvious, you may find yourself wondering if it is truly an emergency. That’s something we can help with!

4 Times You Need Emergency Plumbing Assistance

While plumbing problems can sometimes feel like huge issues, not every instance qualifies as an emergency. That said, we don’t want you waiting out the weekend to call on Monday if you do have a real emergency on your hands. Here are some prime examples of plumbing emergencies to reach out about.

  1. There is no water supply in the house. Modern homes that do not use a well of their own for water rely on a municipal water supply. Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee that this water supply won’t encounter trouble. If you suddenly discover that you have no water in your home, you should check to see if there is maintenance or repairs being performed by your provider. If this doesn’t explain things, you may have a water valve that is stuck, broken, or worse, a burst water main.
  2. You have multiple clogged drains. One clogged drain may be able to be solved with a plunger and some elbow grease. But if you are discovering that multiple drains in your house are stopped or have slowed down immensely, you may have a bigger problem on your hands. Most of the time, this indicates that there is a sewer line clog which is something you’ll need expert help to address.
  3. There is a severe leak in the house: You can see water dripping from your ceiling or maybe a puddle in the basement. You have a leak that is going to do a lot of water damage fast if it isn’t stopped. The first thing to do is to turn off your water supply to stop more water from entering the leaking pipes. Then you’ll want to schedule emergency plumbing repairs because you will need water in your home again sooner than later.
  4. You have no hot water. Did you know that being without hot water can actually be hazardous? If your hot water heater is struggling to heat up water properly, it can become a health hazard because it may be at risk of mildew or mold growth. Along with this, lack of hot water can make activities like bathing or washing dishes less sanitary and more complicated, not to mention unpleasant. Make sure to get a plumber to your house ASAP if your hot water supply has stopped short.

Facing a plumbing emergency isn’t something you should ever try to do by yourself. The same goes for most other plumbing needs. When you need help with your home plumbing, emergency or not, you can count on our team to help.

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