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Serving Mohave County Since 1990

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5 Plumbing Needs You Can Come to Us For

Did you know to be licensed to provide plumbing service in Lake Havasu City a plumber must complete formal training plus four years of apprenticeship? Plumbing requires expertise and experience. Plumbers can handle mild problems like your leaky faucet to major problems like a sewer system backup.

Not all plumbers are created equal. With Air Control Home Services you are guaranteed to work with licensed plumbers that are trustworthy and provide a variety of services. Here are some of the services that you can rely on us for.

Leak Detection and Repair

Problems like faucets that drip and water heaters that form puddles on your floor are easy to spot. But leaks aren’t always visible. Leaks from flapper valves in your toilet might go unseen but cost you gallons of wasted water per year. Supply lines that sit underground or behind walls can crack without anyone knowing it. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage may have occurred to your home before you see the leak. Your first warning sign of a leak may be an unexplainable decrease in your water supply or an increase in your water bill. It is important to seek, diagnose and repair leaks early.

Drainage Services

Bad smells, recurring clogs, unusual sounds, and slow-flowing drains are all signs you need a professional to clean and unclog your drains before an overflow occurs.

Drainage services also include your sewers and underground systems. Our licensed plumbers can inspect and test your systems as part of a regular maintenance routine and then complete repairs before they become emergency problems.

Gas Piping

When people think of plumbing they think water. Gas lines are as important as your water lines. Our plumbers are certified to install and repair gas supply lines for your furnace, water heater, stove, barbecue, or fireplace.

A technician will check for smells like rotten eggs, hissing noises or unusual sounds, or dead grass or plants to help diagnose problems with your gas lines. Then they will ensure the gas lines are repaired safely and meet all building codes.

Water Heater Services

A water tank should last 10-15 years but damage caused by wear and tear can turn your bath from hot to cold. If your water heater won’t heat your water supply up, starts smelling, or leaks our service technicians will pinpoint and repair the problem

Plumbing Appliance Upgrade

Are you completing a renovation? The largest value in your home is your kitchen and your bathrooms. These rooms require lots of gas and water pipes. Our staff provides plumbing and gas piping services to upgrade your sinks, faucets, large appliances (stove, dishwasher, fridge, washer, and dryer), and bathroom fixtures.

Pipes are out of sight and often out of mind until it is too late. There are many plumbing service options to choose from. However, working with inexperienced or poorly trained plumbers can be very costly. It is important to work with a trustworthy plumbing company.

We are happy to share our years of experience with you. Reach out to Air Control Home Services today to schedule an appointment. We have the best plumbers in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

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