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What Is an HRV and How Can It Help You?

An HRV is a heat recovery ventilator, which is sometimes compared to an energy recovery ventilator. These systems do an impressive job of keeping your home comfortable and your indoor air fresh.

Imagine you’re suffering from a stuffy nose and some allergies related to dust. You’d like to open the window, but you remember that it’s the middle of the summer and all of your air conditioning will escape through the window if you do. What’s the solution? Are you trapped in your home with no comfortable fresh air?

That’s where an HRV system comes into play. By going through a process known as counterflow heat exchange, an HRV uses the heat or air conditioning of your home to mix with fresh, outdoor air without as much waste as opening the window. Let’s figure out if you can use a heat recovery ventilator in Lake Havasu City.

How an HRV System Works

HRV systems used to only be found in places like hospitals or laboratories. Until a few years ago, this kind of technology was deemed “high-tech” and practically impossible to find for residential use. Now, they’re common and they’re incredibly effective for maintaining home energy efficiency.

Think about the air coming from two directions when you open a window. One on hand, the fresh, untreated air from the outside is coming from one direction. Then, you’ve got the treated (either heated or air conditioned) air coming from your home in the opposite direction. Normally, when opening a window, those streams pass by one another and you get fresh but uncomfortable air inside of your home while your air conditioning goes out the window.

An HRV system simply exchanges the heat or air conditioning from your indoor air and mixes it with the fresh air that’s coming from outside. This means you get the best of both worlds, and you save money on energy costs since your system doesn’t have to work as hard.

What an HRV System Offers

Here are just a few reasons to invest in an HRV system.

  • Fresh, clean air. Nothing beats the fresh, clean air from outside. Whether it’s in the middle of the winter, or the summer, that deep breath is going to feel so much better with clean air in your lungs.
  • A change in odor or feeling. Sometimes your indoor air can get stale and uncomfortable. There’s no doubt that fresh air can make your home feel alive, fresh, and clean.
  • A reduction in allergens. It’s harder to get an allergic reaction from dust or other indoor contaminants when you have a constant flow of outdoor air in your home.
  • Increased efficiency. Your air conditioner can take a break since it’s not working so hard to pump out the heat that came in through open windows.
  • Year-round comfort. This system works all year round, supplying your home with comfortable fresh air no matter how cold or hot it is outdoors. This is a big deal in a place where we get very hot summers and chilly winter nights.

Contact Air Control Home Services to have an HRV system installed in your home today.

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