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It’s Maintenance Season

Air purifiers are an excellent investment for the home and office for improved indoor air quality. They work by removing pollutants and any harmful particles from indoor air using fibers.

Don’t neglect professional maintenance of air purifiers as they must be checked every couple of months to ensure continued efficient performance. Their filters may need to be washed or replaced, or other parts of the filter may need repair. Regular check-ups help elongate their life. Washing the filters may temporarily help, but professional check-ups will keep your filter running at peak efficiency.

Types of Filters

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters remove 99.7% of foreign particles in the air including bacteria, fungal spores, dust particles, pet dander, etc. the efficiency of a HEPA filter can reduce overtime if not cleaned properly and this may cause people in your home or office to experience increased allergic reactions or asthma attacks.

Carbon filters contain activated carbon that traps and absorbs particles from the air. There are numerous varieties and thicknesses of carbon filters. A carbon filter needs to be replaced more often than a HEPA filter, especially if there is tobacco smoke indoors because it reacts with the former.

Another type of air purifier is the electrostatic air purifier containing plates that create an electrostatic field and trap foreign particles when air flows between them. These plates need to be washed far more frequently than fiber or carbon-based purification systems. It is easy to wash them and they can even be chucked in a dishwasher.

UV air purifiers use ultraviolet light bulbs that emit UV energy that neutralizes toxic particles in the air such as bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, pet dander, etc.

Cost of Replacement

HEPA filters are the costliest to replace due to their advanced technology and extremely efficient air purification. They don’t need to be replaced too frequently. Depending on the filter model, they can last for several years. Ask a professional for guidance regarding your model.

Other types of filters are relatively cheaper to replace, but they also may require to be changed more frequently. Carbon filters may need replacement every few months, while electromagnetic plates may need to be replaced annually.

If your purifier comes with a UV light bulb, ask the technician to replace the bulb if the bulb is getting dim or stops working. This may happen every 1-3 years.

Costumers often neglect the maintenance of portable air purification systems, but portable air purifiers need even more frequent maintenance than an installed air purifier.

Whatever type of purifier you use, maintenance is necessary. Be prepared for any maintenance costs when you install an air purifier and save the dealership’s contact details company so that you can call them up and schedule an appointment when it’s time for a maintenance visit. Our team members are also here to help with whatever you need.

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