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3 Perks of Air Purifiers

Which household would you want to spend more time in: the one with dusty air that smells like last week’s meal or the one with clean, filtered air that smells like, well, nothing? We’d guess that you would enjoy house #2 a little more. What you may be happy to know is that, whether you are dealing with the environment from home #1 or home #2, air purifiers in Topock, AZ can provide you with the clean air that you want.

Air purifiers are systems that work with your air conditioner and heater to improve the quality of the air being blown into your home. Rather than choosing between comfort or a home with clean air, you can enjoy both.

What Does an Air Purifier Do?

Air purifiers or air purification systems can be installed into your home’s ductwork where it will clean the air that is being blown into the house. This means that this system is great for tackling dust, debris, fur, pollen, and other airborne contaminants. Purifiers can improve your home’s comfort and indoor air quality as long as it is installed and kept up by a professional.

There are two key types of air purifiers that you can choose from to tackle your home’s IAQ issues. Here are the two types of purifiers you can choose from:

  • Electric: Electrical air purifiers use, you guessed it, electricity to charge and collect airborne contaminants on a magnetic plate. This removes them from the flow of air into your home.
  • UV light: Ultraviolet light is great for improving the air in your home. This is because this type of purifier will use UV light to either destroy airborne contaminants or get rid of the threat they present. This is great for viruses, bacteria, and mold.

3 Perks of Adding a Purifier To Your Home

So why should you consider adding an air purifier to your home’s HVAC system? Here are a few perks that we think make this system a great investment:

  • Better indoor air quality: High levels of dust, pollen, fur, and other debris can drag down your home’s IAQ. With an air purifer, you’ll enjoy cleaner air and better IAQ which means better comfort as well.
  • Better HVAC system operation: Too much dust and debris can clog filters and muck up the internal components of your HVAC systems. With an air purifier, this won’t be as much of a worry. Cleaner air will put less strain on your air conditioner and heater which will improve their operation.
  • Fewer health issues: Purifiers tackle a wide range of airborne contaminants. These include dust and debris all the way up to viruses and bacteria. With a purifier in your house, you can rest assured that airborne particles that might otherwise aggravate allergies or cause sickness will be removed before they can cause problems.

Ready to boost your comfort with the help of an air purifier? Get started by contacting our technicians for assessment and installation.

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