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Is Your Furnace Booming? Here’s What That Means

If you have a furnace in your home it means you are likely headed into the cooler months with a fair amount of confidence that the system will keep you nice and warm. You should enjoy that confidence too. Furnaces are fairly common systems across the country because they are known for being so effective, durable, and efficient.

That said, any furnace will eventually need to be repaired at some point or another. The key is to know when to call in a professional to check things out. We are here to help with any furnace troubles you may have such as a system that has begun to emit a booming noise.

Why a Booming Furnace is Bad News

Booming isn’t a noise you want to hear from your furnace heater. It is one that you may hear from a gas furnace that has developed a repair need though.

When your furnace creates a boom, it means that there is problem in the system. The boom is created when gas is allowed to build up inside of your heat exchanger before being ignited. Extra gas all being ignited at once will lead to that distinctive boom.

The noise isn’t the only problem with this though. Booming from delayed ignition is extremely stressful on your furnace heater. That small explosion can increase the chances of cracks developing in your heat exchanger which is a whole other issue of course. Along with this, the issue of a booming furnace arises because there is a problem with dirt build-up or another hindrance delaying that ignition process.

A professional technician can provide the furnace service in Bullhead City, AZ that will address the core cause of this issue.

Additional Noises That Mean Trouble

Booming isn’t the only sound that you wouldn’t want your furnace to make. Here are some other sounds that indicate trouble with your system:

  • Rattling: Caused by a loose cabinet door or loose parts that need to be tightened.
  • Banging: Something bouncing around in your system creating additional damage.
  • Hissing: Gases escaping from a crack in the heat exchanger or hot air escaping through a duct leak.
  • Buzzing: Problems with your electrical components such as a frayed wire.
  • Screeching: Loose fan blades or a dry motor belt creating the sound of metal scraping metal.

Here’s the thing. You know what your furnace usually sounds like. New noises are going to be noticeable. Whatever the sound is that you start to hear from your furnace, if it is different from the norm and concerns you, it is worthwhile get your system checked.

When something goes amiss with your furnace, whether it is a gas furnace or an electric one, you should always reach out to a professional technician for service. The technicians on our team are here to provide the services you need to keep your furnace running and keep your home warm.

When you need expert help with your heater, you can come to us. Contact Air Control Home Services to schedule your system services today.

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