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How To Tell You Need a New Heater

If you have a heater that looks like this, it is time for a system replacement.

You don’t want to mess around when it comes to home heating at Bullhead City, AZ. Outsiders from other states may think we don’t see cold temperatures but know that it can get frigid during the winter months around here. This means that it is vital to make sure that you have a powerful and effective heating system in your home to help keep you warm when it counts the most.

Let’s say you’ve had your heater for years and it has served you well. This is great to hear but it doesn’t mean that the system will last forever. Unfortunately, every heater will need to retire one day. The question is, how do you know if your system is ready to be replaced?

3 Signs You Need a New Heating System

Getting a replacement for your heating system is no small task. Installations and replacements are some of the biggest costs you’ll have when it comes to your home comfort. With all that said, you want to make sure you actually need to replace your system. A professional technician from our team can help determine this but we have some warning signs you should know that will tell you it is time to contact us.

  1. Your heater is getting too old. Most heating systems can last up to a maximum of 15 years before they need to be replaced with a new unit. If your heater is nearing this age or has surpassed it, you should at least begin the process of figuring out what you want for your next system. Even if your system is able to keep you warm, it won’t be able to offer the same efficiency as a more modern unit.
  2. Your repair needs are getting worse. Are you needing repairs for your heating system more often than you used to? Repairs shouldn’t be necessary to keep your heater running more than every few years. With that in mind, repairs that are needed on a yearly basis are a sign that your system is on its way out. Likewise, if the repairs are too expensive, you will want to consider a replacement.
  3. There is no heating for your home. Last but certainly not least, pay attention to your home comfort. Is your heater running but you aren’t getting any actual warmth? If this sounds familiar, it means that your heater likely isn’t able to get its main job done which is to keep the house warm. A heater that isn’t able to actually heat the house is one that needs to be replaced.

Are you having trouble with your home comfort this winter? If so, it is time to reach out to the team at Air Control Home Services to get your system assessed. We can provide repairs if they are needed or we can get your heating system replaced if it isn’t able to be fixed.

Our team always offers up-front pricing for our services. Contact Air Control Home Services to get your heating replacement.

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