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Give Your Heater the Gift of a Tune-Up

It’s that time of year again. You are wracking your brain for gift ideas to loved ones that they will like and won’t end up returned or donated. We are all going through similar experiences (well, not those of us who are oddly ahead of the game). We don’t want to add to your list so we wanted to let you know of a great gift idea for, well, your home that you might want to invest in this season.

The gift we are talking about is heating maintenance in Yucca, AZ. This is a “gift” that you can give your heater which will help it do its job much more easily. A tune-up for your heater isn’t just a great idea for this system, it is a gift that benefits you too! Discover more about the benefits of this service below and reach out to us to schedule your heater maintenance service ASAP.

How Maintenance Helps You and Your Heater

We wouldn’t suggest that you schedule a service you don’t need. If maintenance wasn’t useful, we honestly wouldn’t offer it! Here are the benefits that you may want to know that come from getting an annual tune-up for your heater.

  • Better Energy Efficiency: When your heater is well-maintained, it is going to be able to accomplish its goal of heating the home without using extra energy. Each year heaters will lose about 5% of their efficiency but maintenance will counteract this.
  • Better Operation: Your heater is going to be able to operate far more effectively when it has been properly maintained. Maintenance addresses loose parts and excess dirt that might hinder the heating process otherwise.
  • Fewer Repair Needs: Loose parts can break free and end up bouncing around your heater. A clogged filter can make it hard for your heater to create warmth. These and other issues are identified and taken care of when a professional performs maintenance on your system, allowing them to prevent a large number of repair needs.
  • Lower Bills: When your heater doesn’t have to use extra fuel or energy to create heat for the home, it means it won’t be as expensive to operate. This means that you will enjoy lower, or at least more affordable, energy bills each month.

The Details on Our Maintenance Program

Want to make maintenance an even sweeter deal? You can sign up for our maintenance program, the Comfort Club, and enjoy additional perks such as:

  • Priority Service: Program members are always at the front of the line for service.
  • A Lifetime Warranty on Parts: We guarantee that the parts we use will last a lifetime.
  • Waived Overtime Fees: Club members never have to worry about overtime fees on the weekends or holidays.
  • A 20% Repair Discount: If we find any issues during a tune-up, we will suggest repairs that come with a 20% discount.
  • 30-Day Guarantee: If you encounter any additional problems with your system within 30 days of our tune-up, we’ll come back to fix them with no dispatch fee.

Schedule your maintenance services with Air Control Home Services today.

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