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Do You Need Ductwork Repair?


Your ductwork may not be visible to you every day but it does play a huge role in your daily comfort. This is especially true when you use your heater. After all, without your ducts, your heating system would be near useless as all the warmth it created wouldn’t really go anywhere.

It helps to know how you can tell when and if your ductwork needs some extra TLC.

Now, thankfully your ductwork doesn’t need nearly as much care as your heater might but this doesn’t mean it won’t need some help eventually. After all, time takes its toll on every part of your home and your ductwork will one day need to be checked on.

What Your Ductwork Does

Why is your ductwork so important, first of all? Think of it like this: what would happen if you had a well that spurted out water but no pipes to bring that water to your home. Would you have water to use when you turned on the tap? Of course not!

This is why your ductwork is so vital. Much like pipes are vital to transport water, your ducts are essential to transporting the heated air your furnace products to different areas of your home. This is also why, when there is a problem within your ductwork, it is fairly noticeable and should be addressed quickly.

How To Tell Your Ductwork Needs Repairs

There are a few key signs that you should know which will tell you whether or not you need to schedule ductwork repairs:

  • Weak or non-existent airflow: If you have a large leak or tear in your ductwork, or there is a disconnect in your ductwork, it will impact your system’s airflow because all that heated air will escape outside rather than reaching you.
  • Uneven heating: If you notice that there is one room that isn’t receiving heat while other rooms are, there is a chance that your ducts need to be repaired to address a large leak.
  • Dusty air: Ductwork that has breaks in it won’t just let your temperature-controlled air out, it will also let unfiltered, cold air in. This airflow will also contain all the dust, dirt, and other particles that would have gotten filtered out otherwise and deposits them into your home.
  • High heating bills: If your ductwork has a problem, it means your heater will have to work a lot harder to warm up your home. This of course will show up as a surprisingly high utility bill.

Trust Us To Keep Your Air Flowing

Whether the trouble lies within your ductwork or you need any other heating repair in Kingman, AZ, make sure you schedule your services with our team for professional and effective repairs. Only a trained expert such as the technicians on our team can effectively assess your HVAC system and get everything back in order so you can enjoy the comfort you need no matter what time of year it is.

Contact Air Control Home Services today to enjoy excellent work performed by highly skilled technicians.

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