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5 Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Help

If you have a heat pump, then it is likely you enjoy its reliability and energy efficiency. What happens, then, if your heat pump loses both of those characteristics?

A heat pump that needs professional repairs will slowly lose its ability to control the temperature in an efficient way. The reality is that problems can pop up in nearly every system out there at least once or twice over its lifespan. It pays to know what the signs are of a system in need of repairs which is why we’ve listed some of the biggest warning signs for you below.

5 Indicators That You Need Heat Pump Repairs

If you have a heat pump in your house, then it makes sense you’d expect it to work well. So, if it’s not working well, you will want to find out why and figure out how to fix the problem. That’s what we are here to help with. Be on the alert for these signs of trouble:

  1. Strange noises: Heat pumps are well known for making less noise. A heat pump that is making more noise is one that is in trouble. If you pick up on rattling, screeching, hissing, bubbling, clanging, or buzzing, then you should have a professional technician examine your heat pump before it breaks down entirely.
  2. No heating: A heat pump is a unique piece of technology that moves heat rather than creating it. It does this with the help of a reversing valve. However, that valve can become stuck, leaving the system trapped in cooling mode. If your heat pump is unable to heat even when it should be warming the house, then you will need a repair to fix this vital component.
  3. Increased energy bills: You shouldn’t have to pay twice as much as usual for heating if your heater use hasn’t changed. Increased energy bills are a sign that your heat pump is working harder and eating up more energy, even if your system isn’t increasing your comfort at all.
  4. Bad smells: A heat pump that starts to emit foul odors like a moldy smell can warn that there’s mold and mildew developing in the indoor components. You might also detect an acrid burning smell, and this can mean that there’s motor burning out inside the heat pump. Lastly, you may notice a sickly sweet smell if your heat pump is leaking refrigerant.
  5. Short cycling: When a heat pump is short cycling it means there is something hindering the movement of heat. Perhaps this is due to a dirty system filter hindering airflow into the system. Or perhaps you have a heat pump with a refrigerant leak or an electrical issue. Whatever the core cause, you should address these issues quickly with the help of a professional.

Noticing any of these warning signs? Then your heat pump system needs to be assessed and repaired by a professional to keep things comfortable. Our team is here to help you stay warm and prevent a system replacement years too soon.

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