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What Is Short Cycling?

What would you do if your car only worked for a few miles before turning off? You wouldn’t get far, that’s for sure! Ultimately, you would get your car to a professional technician to be checked and fixed up ASAP.

We provide this example to show how important it is to get mechanical systems fixed when they aren’t able to perform to their full ability. This applies to your air conditioner as much as it does to your car or other vehicle.

When your cooling system stops short rather than completing a full cooling cycle, it is best to schedule an air conditioning repair as soon as you can. This can help prevent further damage or even a full system breakdown. Here’s what you need to know about short cycling.

What Is Short Cycling?

Short cycling is a term that refers to when an air conditioner’s cooling cycle is interrupted or shortened. This is a problem in any air conditioner because that shortened cycle leaves your home too hot, increases the amount of energy that your system eats up, and actually leads to increased strain on your AC.

If you notice that your system has started to short cycle, you don’t want to ignore it. We can promise that a short cycling AC is not cooling your home faster. This issue can easily lead to the need for an air conditioner replacement far earlier than usual.

The Issues Creating and Caused by Short Cycling

Short cycling is both a symptom of trouble and a cause of more trouble. Here are some of the AC issues that are tied to short cycling:

  • Poor airflow: When there is a reduction in the air that enters your AC it can cause your system to short cycle as it is unable to absorb the proper amount of heat to move out of the home.
  • Poor thermostat calibration: When your thermostat is miscalibrated, it can lead your AC to short cycle as it will translate the home’s temperature incorrectly.
  • Refrigerant leaks: A loss of refrigerant can cause your system to short cycle as it reduces the transfer of heat out of your home.
  • Condenser problems: There may be a problem with your condenser being able to release heat which can also cause your system to short cycle as it tries to prevent overheating.
  • Improper sizing: Poor sizing upon installation will quickly lead to short cycling of your AC and an early replacement.

Get Your AC Repairs Taken Care of Today

Whether your air conditioner is short cycling or exhibiting a different sign of trouble, you’ll want to get this core issue identified and addressed before it costs you the entire system. For expert repairs, you can count on our team. We provide high-quality services throughout the area in and around Mohave County.

You need to know about this issue so you know why and when to call us for an expert repair so your AC can carry you through the rest of the summer.

Contact Air Control Home Services today to schedule your AC repairs.

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