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What Happens When Your AC has Poor Airflow?

Is your air conditioner giving you trouble? One common complaint that people have is poor airflow. Without proper airflow, an air conditioner cannot function as well as it should. You may be experiencing uneven temperature as your air conditioner blows warm air or your home, contributing to discomfort, especially in the summer season.

If you want to know what and why this happens, then you’ve found the right blog. If you’re in urgent need, we suggest calling in one of our experts as soon as possible. Poor airflow is a troubling HVAC issue.

Why Does my AC have Poor Airflow?

Here are some common causes why your Air conditioner may have poor airflow:

  1. Dirty Ducts

Air quality may become weak if your ducts are dirty. Over time, particles accumulate. Because of this, your conditioned air may not have a clear pathway to flow out from. Your best bet is cleaning the air ducts. But a professional service will make it efficient and will last longer.

  1. Closed Vent

Vents may become obstructed with stuff that can cause air to flow unevenly. Usually, furniture, bedding, or curtains can block vents.

  1. Leaky Ducts

A common problem that leads to poor airflow is leaky ducts. It can cause significant loss of airflow and leads to low air pressure. Check your ducts for gaps, holes, and other leaks.

  1. Weak Motor Blower

Blower motors help move the air through the ducts. A weak blower motor may be another reason why your airflow is poor.

  1. Low Refrigerant Levels

This is the most common issue that leads to poor airflow. If your refrigerant is leaking from your air conditioner, then it can cause less air to flow out of your air conditioner.

  1. Lack of Insulation

Poor insulation can also cause air loss. If your ducts are not properly insulated, cool air from your AC can come into contact with warm air. Although it does not affect air pressure, it can affect temperature, causing the room to feel warm.

How to Solve Poor Airflow Problems

There are many ways to solve poor airflow problems. One thing you need to know is that you can’t fix a vent yourself by putting tape on a leaky duct. Duct tape really isn’t properly named. The duct tape itself becomes brittle and ineffective in a short amount of time because of the temperature changes. This is only a short term fix and we hesitate to even call is a fix. Putting duct tape on your ducts is the equivalent of putting a band-aid over an open wound. It’s just not the proper way to address the issue.

We’ve got you covered. Our job is to make you as comfortable as possible and have you take the easiest route to get there.

Getting Help

If you need help with your AC Repair in Laughlin, AZ, you can contact us. With over 45 years of experience in the HVAC industry, you can rely on us and our team of experts to fix all your air-conditioning problems.

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