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We Care for Our Techs So They Can Care for Your Home Comfort

We work with Destination Hydration to keep our technicians hydrated and healthy!

Summer in our area is serious business. With high temperatures that last all day and, often, through the night, it is vital that you have a working air conditioner to keep you cool. When you book your air conditioner services with Air Control Home Services, you can rest assured that will we do our best to keep your AC in prime condition so that it can help keep your home comfortable.

With that said, have you ever wondered or worried about the well-being of the technician who arrives at your home to work on your AC? After all, they are working in the un-cooled areas of your home, often for hours on end.

We worry too! They are our team members after all. That’s why we partner with Destination Hydration to ensure that we help our technicians stay hydrated, balanced, and healthy.

We Care About Our Techs So They Can Continue to Care for You

Did you know that the attic of a home in Mohave County can reach up to 190°F on a hot 120°F summer day? The uninsulated parts of your home absorb a lot of heat … and it is usually where your technician is spending a large amount of time.

Being exposed to temperatures this high isn’t just uncomfortable, it can also lead to some intense dehydration and exhaustion. While our technicians do know this, it doesn’t mean that we are going to let them struggle.

Keeping our HVAC technicians well-hydrated is extremely important for multiple reasons. First, this keeps them alert and able to do the work needed to get your AC running properly again. In addition to this, staying hydrated is also important to our technicians’ ongoing health—dehydration can lead to increased illness, fatigue, and other adverse health issues.

Just drinking more water on a hot day isn’t always enough. That’s why we work with Destination Hydration to ensure that our technicians get the support they need so they can continue to help you, our customers.

Why We Work With Destination Hydration

Our team partnered with Destination Hydration on National Tech Day, which included a gathering at the Air Control Home Services office, complete with a food truck! We partner with this business because their work helps to provide added support to our technicians through IV hydration therapy.

The use of IV hydration focuses on helping replenish a person’s need for better hydration, including additional vitamins and supplements. This service can help improve an individual’s performance, health, and overall recovery. The services that this business offers can help with other issues as well such as chronic illnesses that lead to dehydration.

We know how important it is to keep our whole team in top health, especially when they are facing extreme heat. When our technicians get the added support they need to feel their best, they are better able to provide you with top service and be relied on year after year.

Need help keeping cool? Contact Air Control Home Services for your next AC service in Mohave County. Need some extra help getting rehydrated? Talk to our friends at Destination Hydration today—they can come to you!

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