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Tips for Keeping Your Heat Pump Running

If you have a heat pump air conditioner, it is likely that you already know what a great resource this system is for reliable home comfort. When you live in Kingman, this is a really important system to have. What’s more, you will want to keep your heat pump in good condition so it can effectively and efficiently cool your home. The team at Air Control Home Services can help you accomplish this.

With the help of our professional technicians, you can rest easy knowing that your heat pump is in good hands. All you need to do is reach out to us when something starts to go wrong with your air conditioner and use the tips below to give your system a helping hand.

Helping Your Heat Pump Run Well

You want your heat pump system to be a reliable source of comfort all year long. To ensure that it does this, you will want to follow some of the following tips to give your system helping hand:

Tip #1. Keep Your Temperature Setting Reasonable

When the heat outside is too high, you may be tempted to request aggressively low temperatures from your heat pump. However, we advise against doing so. Keeping your thermostat setting between 75° and 78°F. While this may not initially seem cool enough, this temperature range is actually ideal for home comfort and energy efficiency. Reducing your demand on your heat pump is also going to reduce the wear and tear on your system too.

Tip #2. Keep Your Filter Clear

The air filter for your heat pump is important for capturing dust and debris to keep it out of your system’s internal workings. It is important however to keep your filters clean and clear of excess debris. If the filter becomes packed with too much dirt and dust it can hinder your airflow, making it harder to cool your home. This also drives up your heat pump’s energy use which costs you more and puts more stress on your system. Clean filters keep your heat pump happy and keep you cool.

Tip #3. Scheduling Maintenance Twice a Year

Heat pumps provide comfort to your home all year because they offer both cooling and heating power. While this is great in terms of convenience and maintaining a comfortable home environment, it also means that this system requires heat pump maintenance in Kingman twice a year. Reliable maintenance will keep your heat pump running more. optimally and efficiently. You can reach out to our team for system maintenance and any other services you may need.

Reliable Heat Pump Services

Heat pumps are well known for the incredible and efficient comfort they provide. You want to keep your system in as good of a condition as you can but to do that you need to have a professional technician to turn to for service.

You can trust the team of professionals at Air Control Home Services to take care of your heat pump. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee with each job we do. We are committed to providing excellent service no matter what.

Contact Air Control Home Services today to learn more.

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