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The Signs You Need Imminent AC Repairs

An air conditioner needs to be repaired at the first sign of a problem. This isn’t for our sake, but rather for the sake of our customers and their wellbeing. When temperatures reach the hottest point of the year in just a few months, an air conditioner problem will mean that your home will be too hot and uncomfortable to be used normally. This can be a disaster, especially if you were planning on having folks over for a summer holiday or get-together.

Getting your air conditioner fixed now can have some great benefits, like peace of mind and a less expensive price. But in order for you to get your system repaired, you need to be able to know that there’s a problem, right?

This blog post can be your handy tool when figuring out if you need air conditioning repair or not. Pay attention to the signs and stay vigilant!

5 Signs to Pay Attention To

We’re all lucky to read this blog post now because it’s still spring. There’s plenty of time to evaluate a problem and get it fixed before temperatures get really bad and our homes require emergency support. Pretty soon, our technicians will be so busy installing and repairing air conditioners that they’ll be squeezing even a quick fix into an already tight schedule!

So, here are some reasons to call for our help now, rather than later.

  1. The infamous “bubbling” and “hissing” noise. This is the sound of a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is one of the core components of your air conditioner, constantly being used to draw in heat and disperse it outdoors, keeping your home cool. If a hole opens up in your refrigerant line, the gaseous refrigerant will leak out (causing the “hissing” sound) and oxygen bubbles will form inside of the previously air-tight line (causing the “bubbling” sound). Get this fixed ASAP before your air conditioner starts to struggle.
  2. A short cycling system. An air conditioner is supposed to run for a full cycle, which can be 10–15 minutes. Any shorter than this and your system is likely short cycling. This means it’s either cooling the air too quickly and shutting down, or it’s overheating and running into problems before it can complete a full cooling cycle. Get this problem fixed soon.
  3. The system won’t reach your comfort demands. What’s the point of a thermostat if it doesn’t signify the temperature that you’d like your home to be set to? An air conditioner must be able to reach the temperature threshold on the thermostat, otherwise it will be struggling. Get the system fixed if it’s constantly underperforming.
  4. It costs too much to run. Are you looking for excuses not to run your air conditioner? This could be from the fact that it’s running inefficiently and causing your energy bill to spike. This could be a symptom of a larger problem that needs to be fixed.
  5. You’ve got hot spots in your home. If there are areas of your house that are still too hot, even with your air conditioner on, then you’ve got a problem. Make sure you change out your air filter and let the system run again. If the problem persists, call us and schedule an appointment.

Air Control Home Services is the team that will keep you cool this summer. Contact us today!

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