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Is Your AC Short Cycling?

You use your car on a regular basis and you know when something feels “off” with how it operates. The same can probably be said about your air conditioner. You know how it warms up, runs, and shuts down. So if it has started to behave strangely lately you probably noticed but you may not have realized how bad the issue causing the malfunction is.

The strange operation you’ve started to notice is called short cycling and it requires prompt air conditioning repair in Golden Valley, AZ from an expert technician. Our team is proud to provide repairs for this issue and give you the background on what causes it and why it should be addressed quickly.

What Is Short Cycling?

If you haven’t heard of short cycling before I let us give you a brief explanation of what it is. Short cycling essentially refers to when an air conditioner cooling cycle is cut off early. This unfortunately does not mean your system is just cooling the house off incredibly fast. Instead, it means that there is something hindering the cooling process and causing your system to malfunction or overheat which is leading to it shutting off early.

Short cycling can be extremely harsh on your air conditioner so the sooner you get this issue addressed and repaired the better.

Why An AC Might Short Cycle

What causes this issue? It’s a good question to ask because it has more than one answer. here are some of the key problems that can cause an AC to short cycle.

  • A dirty air filter:  your air filter is responsible for capturing and removing airborne debris from the flow of air into your air conditioner. If it becomes too dirty it can actually hinder that airflow. Changing your air filter regularly, every one to three months on average, is the best way to avoid this problem.
  • A refrigerant leak: Refrigerant can be thought of as the lifeblood of your air conditioner. If your system develops a leak in your refrigerant line it will make it far harder for it to complete the cooling cycle. This may even lead to the development of an ice layer on your evaporator coil. The sooner a refrigerant leak is discovered and fixed the better because the longer this issue goes unaddressed the more damage your air conditioner will take.
  • Improper sizing: If your air conditioner was installed and sized incorrectly it is going to cause problems. An air conditioner that is sized too large or too small will not be able to provide for your home’s needs correctly. An oversized AC will cool that house too quickly while an undersized one will struggle to get the temperature down. In either case and proper sizing creates a large amount of stress for your air conditioner and will cause it to short cycle until it is resized.

When you need help with your home comfort, you can turn to Air Control Home ServicesĀ for the services you need. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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