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How to Tell Your AC Needs To Retire

An air conditioner is meant to last, even when faced with the severity of heat that comes from our summer weather. But even the best air conditioners won’t last forever.

If you’ve begun to notice that your Lake Havasu air conditioning has recently struggled to maintain cool indoor temperatures in your house, then you may have a problem that needs to be dealt with. We aren’t talking about repairs. After a certain amount of time, repairs can end up turning into a waste of money because the reality is that your system doesn’t need to be fixed—it needs to be replaced!

Here’s how to tell it is time for an air conditioning system upgrade.

4 Indicators That You Need a New AC Unit

It’s time to do a check of your own on the air conditioner. If you notice that your system meets one or more of these conditions, then your money may be better put toward a new air conditioner.

1. The system is old enough to get a driver’s license

Air conditioners should serve your home for a minimum of 10 years and up to 15 years or more before they need replacement. This can vary based on the severity of use the system sees over the years and the quality (and regularity) of tune-ups it receives. If your system has been well maintained and used conservatively, it may make it beyond that 15-year mark. Even if this is the case though, a 15-year-old air conditioner is worth being assessed for a replacement.

2. You need repairs far too often

Air conditioners will need repairs at some points over the years. However, frequent repair needs (up to once a year) mean trouble. A system that needs repairs this often is headed for a breakdown, so we’d advise replacing it before that breakdown occurs and traps you with the heat.

3. The price of your AC repairs have gotten egregious

We’d also advise keeping an eye on the price of your repair bills to figure out if you are better off booking an upgrade instead. A good way to figure out if your bill is “too expensive” is if the price of the repair is equal to or more than half of the price of a new system. If the bill meets that amount, you are better off opting for a replacement.

4. Your AC has become unreliable in its operation

Last but not least, if your AC cannot reliably cool your home despite regular maintenance and prompt repairs, then you’re definitely better off talking to a technician about a replacement. This is especially true because you’ll be paying more money for what ends up being just a high-priced fan.

When you work with our team, you can enjoy upfront pricing on your new system and 100% satisfaction guaranteed for your AC replacement. We’d advise booking your replacement soon too in order to avoid the hassle of price hikes for parts and new systems.

Need a new air conditioner? Contact Air Control Home Services to schedule an air conditioner replacement with an expert team.

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