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Don’t Settle for Dirty Ducts

Over time, the insides of your air ducts are bound to get dusty. Though dust is more of a nuisance than anything else, a significant build-up of it can threaten your health and your wallet. Therefore, it is important to schedule duct cleaning services at least once a year!

Regular duct cleaning services are important in maintaining your health, your wallet, and believe it or not, your air conditioner! Trust us, when summer rolls around, you don’t want anything standing between you and that blast of cool air from your AC. And in case you aren’t yet convinced, keep reading below. We’ve outlined just some of the ways dirty ducts affect you.

How Dirty Ducts Affect You


Air flow through the ducts can be restricted if the build-up of dust and contaminants gets too big. This means that cool, conditioned air isn’t easily circulated throughout your home, leaving you quite uncomfortable! Trust us, there is nothing quite worse than dealing with a fussy air conditioner during the time of year you depend on it most!


If your ducts are dirty, you can bet that the minute your AC is turned on, these contaminants will blow straight out into your home, thus reducing your indoor air quality. These contaminants can worsen allergies and irritate your nose and throat. Plus, some contaminants, such as bacteria, can even cause illness! Don’t make more unnecessary trips to your doctor’s office. Instead, schedule duct cleaning!

AC Efficiency

When your AC’s air filters become too clogged, airflow in and out of the system is restricted, thus decreasing efficiency. Clogged air filters make it almost impossible for your AC to do its job properly, which puts a lot of strain on its components. This eventually will lead to excess wear and tear and sky-high energy bills!

How Does Duct Cleaning Work?

When you schedule your duct cleaning services, a professional will come into your home with highly-specialized vacuums and other quality industry-approved tools to clear out your ducts.

Your HVAC professional will take extra care and precaution to not kick up the dust lying in the ducts and instead ensure that it is completely eliminated, granting you the peace of mind you deserve. Duct cleaning is definitely a worthwhile investment!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

If you suspect you’ve got dirty ducts in your home, don’t hesitate to contact your local HVAC professional for duct cleaning services in Mohave County, AZ. A professional will be able to rid your ductwork of dust and debris, leaving you with cleaner air and more money in your wallet.

It is important that you hire a trained professional for the job. Sure, there are going to be plenty of amateurs willing to service your system, but sometimes an attempt to save money may end up costing you much more in the long run.

To schedule your duct cleaning services, contact the experts at Air Control Home Services today! Treating You Like Family Since 1990!

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