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Don’t Forget These Key Things When Dealing With Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is vital to the operation of your air conditioner. After all, without this substance, your AC wouldn’t be anything more than a whole-house fan. And, while we have nothing against fans, they just aren’t capable of cooling things the same way that AC systems are (they don’t necessarily “cool” anything actually but that is a discussion for later).

When you find yourself dealing with low refrigerant then, it is an obvious problem. With no refrigerant in your AC, or even a low amount of it, the cooling process will be hindered. If you think your system has low refrigerant, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for AC repair in Bullhead City, AZ.

If You Have Low Refrigerant, Don’t Forget…

If you have low refrigerant levels in your air conditioner, it is going to lead to some trouble. Refrigerant doesn’t get used up like fuel so low levels mean there is a leak that needs to get patched ASAP. Here’s why you should know this out quickly:

1. The longer you wait, the more risk there is of an iced-over evaporator coil.

It seems counterintuitive but low levels of refrigerant can cause your system’s evaporator coil to freeze. This is because the refrigerant won’t be able to absorb the amount of heat that it needs to absorb. This can cause the air around the coil to become extremely cold and lead to the creation of ice on the coil itself.

2. Your AC is going to work harder to cool your home.

Just because you are losing refrigerant doesn’t mean that your air conditioner is going to stop trying to cool the home. What it does mean is that it is going to have to work even harder to get the job done. That can cause extra wear on the AC which can lead to an increased need for repairs. It will also increase the amount of energy it has to use–which means higher energy bills too.

3. If you have R-22 refrigerant, this may mean it’s time to replace your system instead.

The substance known as R-22 refrigerant is no longer in production (it was phased out at the start of 2020). If your system uses this type and springs a leak, getting a recharge (refill) is going to be extremely expensive if not impossible. If you have a system that uses R-22, it means you are better off getting a system replacement rather than a repair.

Our Team Can Help With A Refrigerant Leak

Time and regular use can lead to a leak in your refrigerant line. If you hear hissing or bubbling noises, these are good indicators that your AC has sprung a refrigerant leak. Based on what we mentioned above, addressing this issue is best done sooner than later. Our team is happy to say that we can help you get this problem fixed and we can do it fast. We can help you with a replacement too if needed.

Contact our team of professionals today to get your refrigerant back in working order. Air Control Home Services has proudly served homes in the area since 1990.

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