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Don’t Forget to Check Your AC Filter

There are a lot of different things that can impact your air conditioner’s operation. For example, if your system is simply too old to keep up anymore, it is likely that it won’t work anymore and needs to be retired. Similarly, a need for AC repair in Bullhead City that isn’t addressed in a timely manner will also make it hard for your AC to keep you cool.

When people think about what causes trouble with their AC, it is usually something like the big problems above. However, small issues can have a big impact on your unit as well. What’s more, these small problems are more often ignored because people don’t realize they need to take them into consideration.

Let’s break that pattern by introducing you to your air filter and telling you why it is so important to your comfort.

What is the Role of Your AC Air Filter?

We want to give you some information on what your air filter does and its role in your comfort. This is to help you help yourself stay cool all summer–by helping your AC!

So, first things first, what is your air conditioner’s air filter? Your first thought may be that it is to keep dust and debris out of your home and this isn’t the case. A common misconception, your air conditioner air filter is actually meant to protect the internal workings of your air conditioner itself. This filter captures dust and other debris before it can enter your AC and cause operational and efficiency problems.

What Happens if You Don’t Change Your Filter

As we just mentioned, this air filter is made specifically to protect the internal mechanisms that allow your air conditioner to do its job. The short and sweet of this is that if you don’t change your air filter for your cooling system, it can eventually lead to a breakdown.

Here are some problems that a clogged air filter can cause:

  • Reduced airflow: When a filter becomes overly clogged with all those contaminants it wants to keep out of your AC, it will reduce the amount of air that is able to get into your system to be cooled. This can lead to your system having major troubles cooling your home and can even cause it to overheat.
  • A dirty evaporator coil: In some cases, a clogged air filter may not be able to hold onto all that debris and some of it can get into your system and will begin to collect on your evaporator coil. This can lead to trouble as your AC won’t be able to cool the air entering the system effectively and can start to collect ice on the coil. This will eventually lead to short cycling.

See what we mean? A little dirt can add up over time and cause big problems! This is why it is important to check and change out or clean your AC filter every few months. If you aren’t sure where your filter is located or you aren’t comfortable with changing the filter yourself, we can help!

Contact Air Control Home Services today to schedule your appointment with a pro. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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