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Do You Need to Repair or Replace Your AC?

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The start of summer really isn’t when you want to discover something is wrong with your air conditioner. However, avoiding dealing with a malfunction can leave you with a useless system, high energy bills, and a very hot house. That’s why we always advise getting your air conditioner serviced as soon as you notice it is struggling.

The question you might be dealing with right now is whether you need to schedule a repair for your air conditioning in Golden Valley, AZ or a replacement. We’ll help you figure out if you need to fix or upgrade your system so you can get the right service scheduled quickly and enjoy a reliably cool home in the coming months.

How to Tell You Need to Repair Your Air Conditioner

If you notice that your AC is exhibiting any of these warning signs, you can reach out to us for prompt repairs that will get it running normally again.

  • Odd sounds: Noises like rattling, screeching, hissing, prolonged clicking, or banging are all indicators that there is a problem in your AC that needs repairs before it causes a full breakdown.
  • Weakened airflow: Whether it is from one vent or air handler or the airflow from all of them is getting weaker, you need a professional to check your system out.
  • Increased energy bills: If there are spikes in your energy bills that don’t match with your usage of your AC, it is worth it to have an expert check things out.

Signs That You Need an AC Replacement

An AC replacement is a big task. The sooner you get this taken care of the better though as it can allow you to have a working AC again in short order and avoid the delays created by supply chain delays (or the pain caused by price hikes). Check for these signs to see if you should talk to a technician about an upgrade.

  • Old age: Your AC is built to last for a certain number of years at optimal efficiency and effectiveness. This number is around 10 to 15 years, with regular maintenance. After this, an upgrade is a better idea to get optimal efficiency from your AC.
  • Frequent repairs: Do you need repairs on a yearly basis at this point? Or maybe even more frequently than that? If so, you need a new AC. Trust us when we say it is a far better use of your funds than repeatedly fixing a system that is on its way out.
  • No cool air: You’ve gotten maintenance and repairs but your air conditioner still isn’t cooling the house. There is little point in paying to use a system that doesn’t do the key task that it is made for.

Take Care of Your AC and Yourself

Don’t delay! Schedule your AC repairs or replacement ASAP so you can enjoy a safe, cool home again this summer.

And don’t stop at taking care of your AC either. Make sure to take care of yourself too. The heat takes it out of your air conditioner and you too. This is a season when too many people fall prey to heat exhaustion and dehydration. When you need some help getting back into prime condition, let us handle your AC, and then call Destination Hydration to help you get back to feeling yourself again.

For help getting your air conditioner running right, contact Air Control Home Services.

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