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These AC Noises Mean Trouble

A noisy air conditioner is one that is likely to cause trouble for your home comfort which is why you want to reach out for professional repairs as soon as you can. If your system makes strange sounds you can rely on Air Control Home Services to restore your air conditioning in Bullhead City back to its reliable working state. We are well-versed in what different issues can cause troublesome noises which means we know exactly how to resolve the problem in short order.

To do this though you will need to know when to contact us for professional services. All too often, homeowners in Bullhead City don’t reach out for services they need because they don’t realize that the noises they’re hearing aren’t normal.

We want to help by providing you a brief list of some common air conditioner noises that signal trouble so you know when to contact us for help.

5 Concerning AC Noises

These are some of the noises your air conditioner might make that should prompt you to reach out for repair services.

  1. Humming or buzzing: Does it sound like your air conditioner is home to a beehive? If so, you may need to check on your system. These noises can indicate electrical problems or loose parts in your AC.
  2. Hissing: If your AC is emitting a hissing noise, it means you probably have an airflow problem. Due to either a leak in your ductwork hindering the delivery of cool air or a clogged air filter that is stopping air from entering your AC system, a hissing noise should be addressed ASAP.
  3. Banging: An air conditioner that is banging around is scary to hear first of all. This noise should concern you because it is likely caused by a problem in your ducts.
  4. Rattling: Are you hearing something rattling around in your cooling system? Don’t brush this off, it is likely being caused by a loose part bouncing around in your system which can cause serious damage if left unaddressed for too long
  5. Screeching: Screeching is a painful sound to hear and it’s harmful to your AC unit too. There are going to be a couple of potential causes of a screeching or screaming noise. One cause might be a blower motor belt that needs lubricant or needs a replacement; the other cause may be loose fan blades scaping around inside their housing.

When your air conditioner starts to emit loud concerning noises you don’t want to ignore it because those noises will only get worse. Instead, even if you aren’t sure whether or not a noise is a cause for concern, reach out for professional assistance in handling this vital home comfort system.

The professional AC technicians at Air Control Home Services can provide AC maintenance and repairs that prevent or address these noises and keep your system in great condition. We prioritize keeping you comfortable at a reasonable cost.

Contact Air Control Home Services today to schedule your AC service. Serving Mohave County for more than 20 years.

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