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5 Sounds Your AC Should Not Make

Let’s be clear, no air conditioner runs without making some level of noise. The only silent air conditioner is one that isn’t operating at all.

But, much like your car, there are noises your AC system should and should not make. Understanding what sounds are bad news helps you figure out more easily when you require expert AC repair in Parker, AZ.

If you start to notice that your cooling system is making noises other than the standard whoosh of cool air or hum of the compressor motor, then it is a good idea to reach out to a technician to get it assessed.

5 Noises You Don’t Want Your AC to Make

Some of these sounds may not be immediately apparent until you start listening for them. Whether they are loud or mild, make sure to contact a professional to check your system if it has begun to make any of these sounds:

  1. Clanging or rattling: Clanging or rattling are strong indicators that you have loosened or loose parts in your system. Maybe part of your compressor grate is coming loose or you have a wiggling fan blade. Worse, maybe you have a bolt that is free in the AC bouncing around and causing damage.
  2. Hissing: Are you hearing the steady whoosh of air through your vents or are you hearing a hiss? This one can be harder to discover but if you notice hissing occurring when your AC is running, it can indicate leaky ductwork or a refrigerant line leak. Neither of these is good news.
  3. Bubbling: No, your AC unit doesn’t use water to get the job done. The refrigerant in your system exists in a liquid state until it is evaporated so that it can absorb heat. If you hear bubbling, what you are hearing are air bubbles in the portion of the line where the refrigerant is still in liquid form, indicating a leak.
  4. Screeching or squealing: Yikes! These aren’t easy-to-ignore sounds! That may be good though because it can translate to faster requests for repairs. Screeching or squealing can be caused by dry motor belts or bearings that need lubrication or replacement.
  5. Continuous clicking: We want to provide some clarification here. You’ll hear a click when your thermostat signals your air conditioner (or heater) to turn on. However, continuous clicking during the operation of your AC can indicate problems with a miscalibrated thermostat or electrical component problems.

Listening for odd noises coming from your air conditioner is just one of the ways you can figure out if your AC needs repairs. The key to remember is that if you notice something wrong with your AC you should always reach out for service from a trained professional. Only a trained and knowledgeable technician can identify the core problem in your air conditioner and get it fixed right the first time.

Contact the experts at Air Control Home Services to get your AC unit running reliably again. We are committed to providing excellent service to every one of our customers.

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