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5 Noises Your AC Shouldn’t Make

Are you hearing a hissing noise in your house? No that isn’t the sound of the summer heat crisping you up–although it may start to feel like that is what is happening if you aren’t careful. We don’t mean to scare you but the truth is that hissing noise is probably coming from your air conditioner, and it isn’t good. In fact, hissing and several other noises are indicators that you need to get a professional to check and probably repair your system ASAP.

If you need repairs for your AC, the sooner you schedule this air conditioning service in Fort Mohave, AZ with a professional technician the better. Any strange sounds your AC has begun to make will only worsen.

Let’s discuss what some noises are that your might hear your system make that it really shouldn’t be creating.

5 Sounds No Air Conditioner Should Makes

If your system is making noises other than the steady whoosh of air, it is time to call for repairs. Here are some of the sounds you shouldn’t hear:

  1. Hissing: Don’t mistake hissing for the sound of air coming from your system. If your system is making a hissing sound it may mean that you have a refrigerant leak in your indoor unit. The sooner your fix this the better as a refrigerant leak can lead to a break down if allowed to go on for too long.
  2. Rattling: This is a sound that you want to address as soon as you can because it will only worsen if allowed to continue. Rattling is going to be caused by parts in your system that have started to come loose such as screws or bolts. A rattling noise may even be caused by a loose fan blade. Make sure to schedule an appointment with the pro to had these problems off at the pass.
  3. Bubbling: A bubbling noise is going to originate from the same issue as a hissing noise: a refrigerant leak. The difference here is the location of the leak. Bubbling noises or created when a week appeared for drips in their line where the refrigerant is still in liquid form. That leak then allows air to enter into the line creating this distinct sound.
  4. Screeching: It hurts your eardrums and makes you feel like you’re going insane which should hopefully prompt you to reach out for repairs as soon as you can. Screeching is going to be caused by metal scraping against metal. This is usually the result of a loose fan blade scraping around its housing or a blower motor belt in desperate need of lubrication.
  5. Clanging: Last but not least don’t ignore a clanging noise. Clanging will usually follow a rattling noise that was allowed to go on for too long period clanging is the result of a loose part that has broken free and is now bouncing around within your AC where it is causing far more damage than it was before.

If something sounds off within your air conditioner, don’t ignore it. Reach out for professional repairs provided by our team today.

Contact Air Control Home Services to schedule an appointment.

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