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4 Reasons Maintenance Is a Great Idea Right Now

There is still a chill in the air so why are we discussing your air conditioner? The short answer is because we have a service that will help your heater now and your AC in the months to come!

Our team provides comprehensive maintenance for HVAC systems around the area. This service benefits your heating and air conditioning systems in Fort Mohave, AZ because it addresses a variety of small issues before they escalate into big problems.

We are about to transition into the warmer months of the year. It may still feel too early to discuss checking on your air conditioner. But it may also feel too late to check on your heater. We’d say that neither is true! Maintenance is great to do early and late! Let’s discuss why you should book your appointment now.

4 Reasons To Schedule HVAC Maintenance Today

Maintenance is one of the easiest ways to get the best performance from your heater and your air conditioner. Here’s why we’d suggest that you absolutely book an appointment with our team for your system tune-up today.

1. It helps to improve your energy usage

One of the best things to come from maintenance services is that it helps to reduce your energy usage…which helps reduce your energy bills too. By addressing anything from dirt build-up in your system to loose parts, a tune-up can help your AC or heater do its job more easily which helps it minimize its energy usage. This can prevent the loss of 5% of your system efficiency each year.

2. It improves your comfort systems’ operation

This one may be a little obvious but it is still worth talking about. Maintenance helps your system do its job more effectively! This means that a tune-up will help you get the best performance from your heater on the remaining cold nights we will face. Likewise, a tune-up for your AC now will help to give your system the best possible start for the cooling season.

3. It reduces the chances that you’ll need repairs

By addressing a variety of small problems in your system, maintenance services are also serving as a preventative measure. How? By preventing the development of up to 85% of your repair needs! For example, cleaning dirt off a heat exchanger prevents that build-up from leading to short cycling or overheating damage down the road.

4. Our team is offering a BOGO maintenance deal right now!

You’ll notice that we’ve encouraged maintenance for both systems throughout this blog post. This is because you can benefit from getting a tune-up for both of them right now with our BOGO promo!

Here’s the deal. When you book your $59 air conditioner tune-up now, you’ll get a free furnace check-up along with it. This means that our technicians will assess and tune up both of your comfort systems so you can glide from heating season to cooling season without skipping a beat.

Are you ready to invest in your whole home comfort? Reach out to our team of professionals for your tune-up and get all these benefits and more!

Contact the expert team at Air Control Home Services to schedule your appointment.

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