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3 Indicators Your AC Is Struggling

When the temperatures start creeping into the 90s is not when you want to discover a problem with your air conditioner. We don’t want you to encounter that problem either! That is why we encourage everyone around here to schedule maintenance for their air conditioner so that they can catch any repair needs early.

Even with maintenance though, problems pop up now and then. The key at that point is getting a professional to fix that AC repair in Bullhead City, AZ as soon as you discover it.

Here are the signs to watch out for so you know when to call our technicians.

1. Your system is starting to sound strange

No one knows what your AC system sounds like on a regular basis better than you. When you turn it on, maybe you hear a click, then the sound of the system “revving up”, and then hear the whoosh of air from the vents.

You shouldn’t be concerned that your AC makes the usual noises like these. When you should be wary is when the system starts to make new sounds that aren’t quite right. Sounds that you may want to be wary of include:

  • Rattling
  • Clanging
  • Hissing
  • Bubbling
  • Screeching

2. The AC is short cycling

The average air conditioner’s cooling cycle runs for about 15 minutes. Less than this and it will leave your home too warm and will have to turn on again sooner than usual. This is known as short cycling.

In some cases, a short cycling AC may only run for about ten minutes or less before shutting off. This is extremely hard on your system and uses a lot of extra energy to create subpar comfort.

SHort cycling can be a problem in itself but may also be a result of another issue in the AC. Whatever the situation, a short cycling air conditioner is one that needs to be checked out by a technician soon.

3. You are getting weaker airflow or reduced cool air

How effective is your AC lately? If you have noticed that your air conditioner is producing weaker airflow or is producing less cool air than usual, it may be worthwhile to have a technician check it out.

In the best-case scenario, you may need to change out a dirty air filter. This can restore healthy, strong airflow into the system and solve a lot of problems. If a filter change doesn’t improve things though, you may have a deeper issue like a refrigerant leak, dirty evaporator coil, or a duct leak. Make sure to talk to a professional to get your system assessed and repaired before the issues escalate.

These are just some of the key indicators that you should be on the lookout for that will alert you to when your system needs repairs. The thing to remember is that the sooner you have a technician provide those repairs, the better off you’ll be.

Schedule your repairs with Air Control Home Services today so you can enjoy a comfortable summer.

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