Lake Havasu and Bullhead City HVAC Services

Controlling the environment inside your home or business means ensuring that heating, cooling and air quality are all up to the highest standards. To safeguard your well-being Air Control Air Conditioning & Heating can review your entire HVAC system to provide you with total comfort, year round.

Preventative maintenance is one of our specialties. We highly recommend that you learn more about our maintenance agreements which deliver peace of mind and excellent value. You can think of them very much like how you take your car in for maintenance to keep it running well. It’s the same with your HVAC system, only we come to you and make sure that every element in your heating, cooling and air-filtration equipment is working properly at all times. Often we’re able to spot signs of trouble long before they become a problem, and this can save you money and trouble.

Please review our array of HVAC services. Has it been a while since you’ve had your HVAC system checked? Do you suspect that something may be wrong? Give us a call at 928-680-0600 and discover the Air Control difference.